How do I add my Property with an Existing Lease?

This can be completed inside of the Lease Wizard.

Step 1) Login at

Step 2) Click the Properties option at the top

Step 3) Click the property you wish to add a Lease to

Step 4) Click the Create Lease option at the top of the Property Summary page

Step 5) Next, we add the tenants to the lease. If you do not have any approved applicants simply click the "Add Tenant" button to add your existing tenants to this lease. Once you have the tenants added click "Continue to Lease Details"

Step 6) On the Lease Details page choose the option "Existing" for the type of lease you would like to create

Step 7) Enter the dates pertaining to the existing lease and continue to fill in the rest of the lease details. Once done, click the "Next Step" button 

Step 8) Confirm the information for your lease and click the "Generate Lease" button

You are now finished and your existing lease has been created. Easyrent will generate a rent invoice on the Next Payment Date provided and will continue to do so until the end of the lease.

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